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Our Philosophy

Food sets the standard as the defining element of what a restaurant is. The agricultural ingredients are the birthright from which a restaurant begins, grows, and evolves.  

We firmly believe, with limited exceptions, that it is impossible to define American Cuisine. There are so many ethnic, cultural and regional influences that contribute to the variety of what we as Americans choose for our daily meals.

The health of regional agriculture is the driving force for cuisine--the driving force that supports a sustainable relationship with the land; supporting the economic viability of communities, schools and related businesses.

Cookshop has been and continues to be a vital element in this equation.  So, when we talk of seasonal and local it is more than a passing fancy that sounds good on a menu.  It supports our birthright as a varied people standing in contrast to the effects of industrial food production, which disregard the health of our bodies and our land.

We are proud of the relationships we have built with our purveyors, and continue to support them with our business.  We hope you will too.

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